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 Focused Feline
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Cats have this habit of snapping into razor-sharp focus at the drop of a hat, ancient hunters’ instincts always at the ready. It doesn’t matter if the object of that focus is a live mouse or a scrap of paper or random dust motes, because just as quickly they snap back out of it again. This week’s Illustration Friday drawing for “focused” is our cat Tinkerbelle, who has a little kitten face but can be sooooo intense it’s a little unsettling.

Ironically, the primary source I used for reference is incredibly UNfocused.

Focused Source Photo

Why is it that in all of my cats’ photos they either look annoyed or zoned out?   The sketch was drawn with a Pitt brush pen on regular-surface bristol paper, 9×12″

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7 thoughts on “IF – Focused

  1. Thanks Summer! Graphic design is my day job too so I totally relate, Illustration Friday has been a good “excuse” for having some fun with it. 🙂

  2. Great drawing Stephanie! I love the sense of movement you captured, plus the concentration.

    Thxs for sharing your reference material too… very interesting.

  3. Stephanie!
    Someone on the HOW forum was talking about your awesome calendar, so I looked you up! I really love your style! Great work! I think we “met” at HOW Boston – you were rooming with Karma… So, I think you are in some of the photos I have even if we didn’t formally “meet”. Anyways, just wanted to drop by and say you have some great work! You should join us for a Doodle swap sometime! doodleswap.blogspot.com – sign ups for round #5 are going on now 😉

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