Illustration Friday: Star

Drawn for Illustration Friday in October 2015

Drawn for Illustration Friday in October 2015, copyright 2015 Stephanie Smith

Today’s post does double-duty for #Inktober and for #IllustrationFriday, which had the prompt “Star” this week.

I’m still keeping up with the Inktober challenge, posting a drawing or sketch every day for the month of October on my social media feeds. Follow along with @Critterwings on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

This drawing was made with a LePen Technical Drawing Brush pen on Stratmore smooth bristol paper. I had no idea LePen made a brush pen! Not bad responsiveness, the felt nib was a lot softer than some of the similar models from Pitt or Sakura. I also used a white gel ballpoint for some of the smaller stars in the sky.