…and more flowers

P is for Pansy   Q is for Queen Anne's Lace   R is for Rose

A few more from the Flower Alphabet series. It’s been fun to do these quick little sketches! I’m starting in on the full-size drawings now. Some of them won’t be exactly the same as the sketch/trading card size have been, and I’m narrowing down some of the layout details that I want to standardize across them all.

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More flowers!

E is for Echinacea  I is for Iris  N is for Nasturtium

I’ve finally had a moment to scan in the next batch of artist-trading-cards/sketches for my flower alphabet. What I haven’t had a chance to do yet is start in on the final versions. This spring has been relatively insane, both at work and at home. I’m really missing my drawing table lately, but at this rate I’ll only be able to make brief visits until July.  *sniff* I’m keeping my sketchbook close to console me…

The first set from this series was posted in part 1 and part 2. They’re all the standard 2.5 x 3.5 size for artist trading cards, but they’re still basically first drafts for a series I’m making for my store. This batch isn’t colored yet, but I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do with them. Perhaps it’s time to start using that dusty and neglected Etsy account, hmm?

Flower Alphabet sketches continued

B is for Begonia C is for Columbine W is for Wisteria

It’s been busy around here with spring cleaning and getting stuff done in the garden. But just because I haven’t had the time to participate in Illustration Friday the past couple of weeks doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy on the drawing board. (In fact, I had an idea for “cocoon” I really wanted to draw, but the week ended way too quickly…)

M is for Morning Glory F is for Foxglove J is for Jasmine

Here are the rest of the first batch of  Flower Alphabet Artist Trading Cards continued from my last post, most of which were sent out as part of an art swap. The remaining cards may very well end up for sale, they’re all 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches, drawn with ink on bristol paper with some quick colors added with colored pencil. I’m finishing up the rest of the alphabet in this format to make sure I like the layouts — most of them are just waiting to be colored and scanned — and then I’ll be drawing them all again to make finished art for the online shops. Anyone have any particular products they’d like to see with this art on it?

L is for Lily          K is for King's Spear

I guess it’s a sign of how much I want to whip my garden into shape, but I’ve been having a blast researching and drawing all of these flowers! Some of them have been difficult to find a good garden flower for (like “K”) and others have so many possibilities it’s hard to choose between them. And in the meantime, I need to get some of these planted in my real garden!

Spring has sprung

D is for Dafodil H is for Hyacinth A is for Azalea

April has been a busy month! March is supposed to be “in like a lion and out like a lamb” but April has been swinging between summer and winter like crazy. The Daffodils in my yard came out strong but a few days of +80 degree weather toasted them to a nice crisp.

Ta-da, here’s the first installment of my new project! Sort of. These are not finished artwork, just tighter-than-usual sketches practicing for the finished artwork, which will be showing up in my online shops VERY soon. The first lot were part of an artist trading card swap; I haven’t decided what to do with the rest just yet, but they may be showing up for sale. Watch this space for updates, including the rest of the sketches.

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Illustration Friday: Pet Peeve

Pet Peeve
(click to enlarge)

Just a rather hurried sketch for this week’s Illustration Friday topic. One of my current pet peeves actually involves my pets: we simply cannot keep fresh flowers in the house, for they will be eaten. If this bouquet had any freesia in it my cat  already ate it, that’s his favorite. But it turns out he likes tulips just fine. And the other one would have fished out all the baby’s breath to play with; she doesn’t eat flowers but she likes to chew on crunchy things. They will actually show some restraint as long as someone’s in the same room, but as soon as your back is turned….

Alas, all of the living plants are already taking up the few sunny cat-resistant shelves so bouquets tend to end up in weird, high-up nooks and on top of bookshelves.

This was a very quick drawing, but I think it only really shows in the cat’s face (which I’m not that happy with). Flowers and background stuff can be rushed but faces… that’s usually asking for trouble.

PS for anyone curious about last week’s drawing, the zoo now has a bouncing baby boy elephant, 290 pounds, born just a few days after I posted about it!

Illustration Friday: Garden

This week’s Illustration Friday topic actually fit quite well into a personal project I’m working on. Alas, at the end of a hectic week where I barely had time to do any drawing at all I managed to get the main figure sorted out, but the garden part of the composition was eluding me. Not even enough to post the sketch.

So instead, a treat from the dusty archives:

Flower Fairy: Petunia
“Petunia” (click to enlarge)

Yes, flower fairies, not the most original I admit. But always fun!

Fresh out of college back in 1996, when the internet was shiny and new and full of nerd jokes and little else, I thought it would be a great idea to make and sell notecards. What a concept, right? Well, I had no cash, no real plans, and was severely lacking in clues as well, but I made a handful of designs — cards, bookmarks, mini-posters — ran them off at Kinkos and tried to sell them a local flea market where the tables were cheap and a friend was scraping a few extra dollars a week giving tarot readings. Some, like these, I colored with watercolors and colored pencil.

They didn’t really sell. Eventually I got a job that actually paid the rent and another that let me buy food too, and with my weekends thus occupied the remaining inventory have sat in a box in the back of various closets for a very long time.

Flower Fairy: Tending Phlox
“Tending Phlox”

(I also thought puns like this were hysterically funny at the time.)

It amuses me to look at these now as I’m embarking on the 21st-century version of the same exercise. I’m tempted to add these to the lines I’m making now, but I might have to redraw them first. The odd proportions don’t bother me too much, but the head on the petunia fairy makes me wince, and these were two of the best in the series. At the least I’d recolor them digitally.

 I’m really hoping to stick to my plan and post an update every week — with a preference for new work! But I’ve been busily filling up my schedule for the spring and it now includes  lot more travel than I was planning. If at all possible, I’ll post while I’m away but there’ll be at least something here every week that I’m home, that’s a promise.