Illustration Friday: Pet Peeve

Pet Peeve
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Just a rather hurried sketch for this week’s Illustration Friday topic. One of my current pet peeves actually involves my pets: we simply cannot keep fresh flowers in the house, for they will be eaten. If this bouquet had any freesia in it my cat  already ate it, that’s his favorite. But it turns out he likes tulips just fine. And the other one would have fished out all the baby’s breath to play with; she doesn’t eat flowers but she likes to chew on crunchy things. They will actually show some restraint as long as someone’s in the same room, but as soon as your back is turned….

Alas, all of the living plants are already taking up the few sunny cat-resistant shelves so bouquets tend to end up in weird, high-up nooks and on top of bookshelves.

This was a very quick drawing, but I think it only really shows in the cat’s face (which I’m not that happy with). Flowers and background stuff can be rushed but faces… that’s usually asking for trouble.

PS for anyone curious about last week’s drawing, the zoo now has a bouncing baby boy elephant, 290 pounds, born just a few days after I posted about it!

7 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Pet Peeve

  1. I too have a florivorous cat. My solution is to hang vases on the walls with wire harnesses. It works, but I miss having a bouquet on the table.

    I think you caught his mischievous expression quite well!

  2. Great concept that many can relate to! My cat will chew on any plastic bag that you put on the table or the floor…or anywhere! She’s obsessed. Great kitty expression…nice and sneaky!

  3. I cannot keep fresh flowers about, nor plants. If my SO were to bring home roses, I have to pull one out for the cats so that they don’t bother the arrangement.

  4. Thanks all!

    Yeah, it’s been a challenge keeping plants. I used to have a “sacrificial” plant he could nibble on but it’s gone to that great mulch pile in the sky and I haven’t replaced it. The trick is to find something with dangly leaves (like a spider plant) and hang it up where he can only reach the tips of the leaves.

    Frankly I get more upset when he chews on the book collection, but he only does that when he’s desperate for attention.

    Leah: I’m already on the lookout for some wall-mounted vases that match our decor!

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