Illustration Friday: Twist


This quick drawing is for the Illustration Friday topic “Twist.” As an added twist, I decided to use my brush pen to ink this one instead of my usual fixed-width pens. I adore my Micron pens, and I still used them here for some of the finer details, but it can be a lot of work to get a vivid, organic line with them. The brush pen forces a somewhat looser approach, which takes a little getting used to since I’m out of practice. Maybe when I have time I’ll add a background and tidy up the details, but I’m very happy with the overall gesture and expression in this one.

8 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Twist

  1. LOL — Well, *relatively* quick anyway. My sense of scale is thrown all off because the pieces I was working on for my thesis took a full month each, so anything I can do in a single weekend is “quick” to me now. Plus, dragons are an old fave of mine. It probably took about 4-5 hours spread out over a few days.

    Thank you so much! I was really trying to go for the expression with this one.

  2. This is done beautifully! I love the soft colors you used versus the black outline. I too love my technical pens, but the brush work is a very nice touch to this piece. Great job!

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