Studio update

My weekends and most of my evenings are still being devoured by my studio-remodeling project. Why does painting a room always seem to take longer than you think it will?

My studio - In progress

Progress is being made, however. I was able to finish the walls and molding and put the shelving back where it belongs. I’m not able to start putting things away just yet, since I’m using the modular shelves to store the contents of the built-in cabinet under the window while it gets its turn under the brush, but it’s one step closer. And it makes it a heckuva lot easier to work in this small room.

Studio remodeling, accent color test

Studio remodeling in progress

The cats are still quite confused by all of this, especially when I close to door to the only room of the house with its windows open. But now that things are settling down a bit they’re making themselves comfortable. My tomcat’s going to be very disappointed when I fill the shelves back up.

The Important One approves

Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t fretting over the details at this point. I’ve been prepping the built-ins while I decide if I really like the color I picked out for the cabinet doors. I fear it may be a bit too pink, but I’m planning on covering part of it with some kind of bulletin board anyway. I want to introduce a nice light green into the room too. I haven’t picked out my curtains yet, so those will influence any additional accent colors. I’ve still got a few stores to check out, but some of the stripes from JCPenny’s are looking pretty good. Haven’t seen one yet that I’ve fallen in love with tho…

New colors for the studio

Curtain 6 Curtain 1 Curtain 2

Curtain 3 Curtain 4 Curtain 5

Further updates soon! And hopefully some more drawings!