Illustration Friday: Open


Hi! It’s been a while, but things have been quite busy lately. Still, I think I got a little overambitious when tackling this week’s Illustration Friday topic. My drawing is only about half-finished, but enough is done for me to feel comfortable posting. I’m going to finish it anyway, because I really like how it’s going, and I’ll post the updated version when it’s available. If you click to enlarge the image, you can see some of the pencil lines still there under the ink lines. It’s pretty clean because I traced it very lightly onto the bristol from my sketch drawing — I love using my light table. There’s a lot more shading and crosshatching to do before I’d consider it done.

My studio is finally usable again, but there are a lot of finishing touches left to go. I have a couple other drawing projects that have been waiting in line while the remodeling was going on, so I should have some more to post very soon.

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