Illustration Friday: Leap


Leap into it

I’m running a little late on this week’s Illustration Friday topic… I liked the idea so much I wanted to give it the full treatment. So here it is, about halfway through the inking stage. There are still pencil lines for most of the background, you can just barely see them if you click to enlarge. I wasn’t going to include a background (they take forever) but this one will go well in the product line I’m working on. I’ll post the finished artwork sometime next week.

I was doing a lot of research this week on print-on-demand product purchasing. This image would be one I’d like to put on notecards, prints, maybe some other things. What do you think?  For now I’m looking at the all-in-one fullfillment services that can handle the sales end of things for me, like CafePress or Zazzle, but ideally I’d like to have some printed nicely, maybe even letterpress. Still working on my inventory of images, but some of the ones already in this blog will probably be showing up there too!

3 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Leap

  1. Nice leap sketch Stephanie – please post the inked version!. 1st time I’ve been to your blog and enjoyed it!

  2. I was always enjoy your tight nature renderings, this one seems to have a special looseness and naturalness about it. I think the X composition is really tight. I’m looking forward to the finished product but I also think it looks great minimal too.

    Thanks for all the kind comments and great feedback on my blog, much appreciated!

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