Illustration Friday: Fail

Well, it’s hard to post a drawing when I embodied this week’s Illustration Friday topic by failing to draw something new, so you all will just have to suffer with another from the archive:

The Tortoise and the Eagle
The Tortoise and the Eagle (Click to enlarge)

This is another by good ol’ Aesop, which seems to cover the topic well enough: the fable of The Tortoise and the Eagle.

A Tortoise, dissatisfied with lowly crawling on the ground, envied the birds who could soar high into the clouds whenever they desired. One day, he offered an Eagle all the treasures in the ocean if she would only teach him how to fly. The Eagle declined the offer at first, but the Tortoise kept insisting and pleading. “Fine, I will teach you to fly,” said the Eagle and, taking him up in her talons carried him high into the sky. As she let go of him, she said, “Now, spread your legs and fly!” But before the Tortoise could say one word in reponse, he plunged straight down, hit a rock, and was dashed to pieces.

Moral: Demand your own way, demand your own ruin.

Detail from “The Tortoise and the Eagle”

Yeah, he failed. Big time.

5 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Fail

  1. Awesome. I used the same excuse on my blog. 🙂

    I once spent a whole three days drawing nothing but rabbits and turtles for a fable themed presentation that needed lots and lots of art. So I know my turtles and that’s a pretty rocking turtle.

    Nice illo, even if archival in nature.

  2. I don’t know about eagles but I know there is a type of hawk that does this for the sole purpose of cracking open a tasty meal!

    Great drawing as always!

  3. These are brilliant illustrations, as is the rest of your work. You have a real talent, I found this site as a result of a random Google search.

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