Illustration Friday: Primitive


Hey, actual new art for this week’s Illustration Friday topic! It’s always really striking how the things that seem so cutting edge in one decade are considered so archaic in the next. At work I was cleaning up a bit and finally got rid of my Jaz Drive, can’t believe we used to use those things. Then again, the space where my office is used to be a huge data tape storage room not all that long ago. It didn’t help (hurt?) that while I was drawing this I was watching the South Park episode about the Pioneer town re-enactors who refused to ever break character…

I was determined to draw something new before the month was out, even if it’s a little on the sketchy side. Especially since I’m not always at my best when drawing mechanical things. I was VERY tempted to raid the sketchbooks again, because there was a little robot character I used to draw all the time, but it probably would have taken about as long to find it as it did to draw this.

Not sure if I’ll be updating for next week, unless I can finish it over the weekend, and the next week looks unlikely too as I’ll be away at a business trip/vacation. But we’ll see!

One thought on “Illustration Friday: Primitive

  1. Haven’t been by in a while. Wanted to check in. I’m never disappointed. I love your stuff. This is great. I laughed when you mentioned the Jaz Drive. It really doesn’t seem that long ago, does it, and yet they seem so archaic.

    Seems like you are busy, I can relate. Hope all is well and you’re drawing up a storm!

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