Back in the Saddle

Some months get more hectic than others. March qualified as one of those.

It’s been a particularly hectic time at my day job — not assisted by my having to move offices for the first time in many years. Being busy is good, but these days it feels like we’re always playing catch-up.

In the good kind of hectic, however, they sent me to SXSW Interactive, a week-long conference on all the latest and greatest internet trends and technologies. It was an amazing experience, which I’m still processing in my head. I met a lot of great, amazing people, and if any of you are reading this and wondering why I haven’t gotten back to you yet, read on.

Immediately upon returning home I had one good day at work before coming down with my all-too-typical Post-Travel Creeping Death Plague. This time it took the form of a horrendous headcold which knocked me completely out for three days, not counting the two days of feeling ucky beforehand and now over a week of deneumont. Fortunately, I’m now just down to a nagging cough, a tendency to tire easily, and lingering congestion which could just as easily be caused by the weather. Which I’m trying to shake off as quickly as possible because I’m still very charged up from my trip and want to act on it, but I’m also playing catch-up from being out of the office for over two weeks. (Not to mention packing/purging ten years worth of stuff to fit into an office which, although it has a window with a nice view, is significantly smaller than my current space behind the boiler room.)

All of which is my long-winded way of saying: watch this space. Tho the pace may be slower than I’d like, good things will be happening here soon.