Oh, hai!

Oh, Hai

Hi there! Sorry about the long absence, it was a rather frantic spring. Between a hectic period at my job, the siren call (although lately it’s been more like frantic screaming) of my much-neglected backyard, and some freelance work and other side projects which I’ll post more about soon, all conspired to keep me away from my blog. I’ll spare you the details, unless someone out there really wants to hear about very amateur gardening and a growing feud with the neighborhood rabbits.

Instead, I promise to start posting regularly again, even if it’s just quick little sketches like the one above, a portrait of one of the other demands on my attention. Even now he wants to know why I insist on sitting at my computer, and keeps tapping me on the face to focus my attention where it truly belongs: on him.

In the meantime, why don’t I leave you with a preview of what’s currently on my drawing table, awaiting inks?

Chinese Zodiac Batch 2 Pencils