Sale on stamps at the Critterwings Zazzle shop!

Yes, I know I promised new art, but Thanksgiving preparations have to come first I’m afraid. In the meantime, I wanted to let everyone know about a sale in my Critterwings shop on Zazzle: $5 off sheets of custom stamps! In addition, I’ve lowered my base price on stamps, so if you like my art it’s a great time to stock up on some genuine US postage. Enter the coupon code ZAZZLESTAMPS at checkout. The sale only lasts for 2 more days! Here are some of the stamps I have for sale right now, but there are more designs, sizes and variations available at Zazzle:

“The Holiday Courier” medium size postage by critterwings

Flying Dove Postage stamp
Flying Dove Postage by critterwings

2010: The Year of the Tiger stamp
2010: The Year of the Tiger by critterwings

“The Dragon of Autumn” Small Size Postage by critterwings

If you want to make your own custom stamps with your own design on them, you can do that too, so check out today. (And new art tonight, I promise!)