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Wilderness Sketch
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One of the things I like about living where I do is that even though we’re near a big city, we’re also just a short drive away from a stroll in the middle of the woods. We’re a day-trip away from pathless forest and parkland, but just a 15-minute drive will take us someplace where we can forget all about the traffic and the city and all the people and wander under the trees for a while.

My sketch for this week’s word for Illustration Friday, “wilderness,” is from a photograph I took in Gunpowder Falls State Park, one of the more easily-accessible parts of of the massive Chesapeake Bay watershed system. I find tree-roots fascinating and these right on the shore of the lake were tangled in a confusing mangle that I spent much longer than I’d planned on puzzling through. (The fox was an addition; we used to get them in our neighborhood regularly but it’s been a few years since I’ve seen one here.)

Drawn with 05 black marker on regular surface bristol paper, 9×12 inches.

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  1. Steph,
    Very nice. The Chesapeake Bay watershed goes from Cooperstown, NY to south of Richmond, VA…huge. Go to http://www.cbf.org for great information on efforts to “Save the Bay.” The tidewater region is one of the richest sources of inspiration and subject matter. Love the Gunpowder area! Keep posting…MLK portrait was great.

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