Sketching at a concert…

… is that weird? Oh well!

Toad Concert Sketches

Last weekend I went to see Toad the Wet Sprocket at a very nice venue in Annapolis, MD, Ram’s Head Live. We had a table right in front of the stage. Between the good view, the nice convenient table, relatively good lighting, and the readily-available paper (namely, the daily specials menus) I just couldn’t help myself. 🙂

I’ve been trying to do more sketching from life instead of photos, but it’s hard with subjects out “in the wild” and moving around. I’m a bit rusty at that, I confess, most of my life drawing practice has been from still, posed models but it’s hard to capture gesture that way. The band was relatively easy since they’re moving but pretty much staying in the same place.  Even so, it was hard to get faces down; the dim lighting and the Strongbow probably didn’t help much either, although there was only minor damage done to my paper, lol. I drew some random pedestrians from a trip to DC last week that came out pretty well too, I’ll post them when I find them. Practice, practice, practice!

I DO have more flower trading cards to post, they’ve been sitting on my drawing board waiting to be scanned for at least two weeks. I’ll try to get some of them posted this week, but odds are slim: I’m heading out to Denver on Saturday for the InHowse Designers Conference, a part of the How Design Conference that’s targeted for in-house design groups like the one I work for. I’ve been trying to get things done at work AND put together a few things of my own to share while I’m there. (Oh, and try to bring a little bit of order to the house, so my husband doesn’t have to spend the better part of a week alone in a pig sty…) I have a feeling my to-do list is longer than my actual available time… isn’t that always the way?