Drawing Day… only a week late :)

Drawing Day was June 5. I was excited to join in on the fun, but there was one problem: June 5 I was spending half the day on a plane ride to Denver, where’d I’d be spending the rest of the week at a conference.

Still, a plane ride is a long time sitting still with few distractions, so I whipped out my sketchbook and was faced with the usual performance anxiety when faced with “draw something!” and no other parameters.

Thumb for Drawing Day Doodles at RedBubble The result, a rather imperious cat and some happy little griffins. You can take a look at them in my RedBubble gallery, where there are some much nicer and far more finished works from other participants on display. What do you think? Do they deserve the full treatment and real finished drawing?

Later this week: something that’s not just a pencil sketch, I promise!