Illustration Friday: Discovery


My inspiration for this week’s Illustration Friday topic comes from multiple sources:

I spent most of the weekend cleaning in my drawing studio. It was the first room I had to set up when we moved into our house almost three years ago. I was still in the MFA program and we moved the weekend before the semester began. I was so busy with school and the rest of the house that as long as I could reach my drawing desk I didn’t have time to do anything else with that room. As a result, there were lots of boxes which had been shoved in there without being opened, stacked up in the corners of the room and in the back of the closet. Going through all of this, I found many lost “treasures” I’d forgotten about or had been wondering where they were or didn’t even know I had in there.

To keep me company during this undertaking, I had the TV on. Discovery Channel was showing show after show about ancient Egypt and the modern researchers trying to learn about it. Watching all those people poking around in dusty tombs was something I could really relate to at the time.

Very simple coloring this week, but it’s not a bad effect. It’s not quite a self-portrait, but it’s close.

As an extra bonus this week, and probably most weeks, my husband will be using the Illustration Friday topic of the week to write a piece of short fiction. Please take a moment to enjoy his take on the theme “Discovery”

3 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Discovery

  1. the agony – and elation – of stored cardboard boxes…great application of ‘discovery’. your pen and ink work is awesome; like the linework and the coloring!

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