Illustration Friday: Poem

There Was an Old Man With a Beard...

I’m not much of poetry reader… or writer. So I had to think a bit about this week’s Illustration Friday topic. All of the poems that I like, the ones which come to mind first, are the humorous ones. I had just about forgotten about this one, but when I was looking for ideas through the very cool Poetry Tool at — which lets you search for poems through a very simple interface by theme or by occasion or whatever — I rediscovered it. I remember seeing an animated version of this poem as a child and being fascinated by the imagry. I assume it was on Sesame Street but alas I couldn’t find it online.

I used the brush pen again this week, but no colors this time. Cringe at my lettering! I was working a bit larger than usual so here’s a detail shot:

There Was an Old Man With a Beard... (detail)

I almost posted an older piece which I wrote and illustrated which isn’t technically a poem, but had particularly lyrical prose, until I came up with this idea. I may still post that piece, since it’s not online anywhere else right now.

My husband Jason is using the Illustration Friday topic for his writing, and has a humorous poem of his own as his entry for the week. If anyone knows of a similar informal venue for writers, let us know!

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  1. A delightful illustration. I especially like the little bird flying toward her empty nest – that’s a nice detail.

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