Illustration Friday: Missing


Has anyone seen my keys? I swear I set them down just a second ago, where could they have gone? Aaarrrgh, this seems to happen every time I’m running late….

The idea for this week’s Illustration Friday topic came quickly — it happens to me ALL the time — and was drawn just as quickly. Not too happy with how it came out, but I wanted to get it posted, and time is short this week, as we just returned from vacation.

Once again this week, my husband has taken on the challenge of a short writing assignment of his own.

6 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Missing

  1. for quick, it’s darned good – love how you brought focus to the former location and then snuck the little varmint beneath – very good!

  2. Your ink work is great. I only gave this a quick look and didn’t notice the little goblin guy at first. Nice touch.

    Are you just using a fountain pen on these? I like to check out the process of other artists.

  3. Thanks for the comments!
    Most of the time (including this one) I use fixed-width Micron markers with various nib sizes because I’m to frugal and lazy to spring for a good Rapidograph set. Some of the other pieces I’ve posted here were done with Sakura’s brush-tip pen, which uses the same waterproof, archival ink as the Microns, and has a much stiffer touch than a real brush. I haven’t used dip pens or real brushes in a while, I need to carve out a little time for practicing with them again. Colors are added with the computer

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