Illustration Friday: Emergency

Cat Got Your Tongue?

OK, I might be stretching this week’s Illustration Friday topic a bit, but it seems to fit! This is one from the archives, because I was working on another personal project this week, which I’ll be posting later. This was an academic piece where the assignment was to illustrate a traditional phrase (of our choice), working in paint on illustration board. I can’t say it’s one of my best works, I’m not as comfortable with paint as I am with ink and it’s from a time when I was still struggling with my total aversion to drawing backgrounds, but I still like it.

EDIT: Jason finally finished his own essay for this week’s topic!

4 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Emergency

  1. Great phrase to illustrate!! I was on a children’s show when I was a little kid (Romper Room) and Miss Jean asked if the cat got my tongue because I was so shy and quiet 🙂

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