Illustration Friday: Captain

Captain Adama

Excuse me for getting a bit fangirl for a moment, but while I was pondering this week’s Illustration Friday topic we were sitting down for a rare evening in front of the TV. We’re still working through the first season of Battlestar Galactica. Actually, I was more interested in drawing the senior Adama because Edward James Olmos has such an interesting face, but technically he’s the Commander so I drew his son Captain Adama instead. Just a relatively quick drawing from a photo.

I didn’t do any tracing, but I don’t usually work directly from a photograph like this. Athough I use photos a lot for reference, particularly when drawing a particular type of animal or specific bit of scenery, I usually end up straying pretty far from the source. I prefer to use photos to get a good enough feel for my subject that I can “pose” them however I like, but that’s a lot of work for such a quick portrait – and this one was pretty quick.

3 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Captain

  1. you ‘ve caught his expression really well, this guy always looks so intense. well,suppose it’s not surprising what with being chased by cylons all the time 🙂

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