Illustration Friday: Visitors


This week’s Illustration Friday topic reminded me of something that happened with a friend of mine this summer. She just moved to a place where she could have a little backyard garden, which she’s been enjoying. It’s a rowhouse, and her next-door neighbors had set up some hummingbird feeders, so she’d also been enjoying watching the pretty birds come around.

One day she was watering her plants near that side of the yard, being very careful so as not to frighten the many hummingbirds that were at the feeders that day. Suddenly, one of them flew right up to her. She was both amazed and nervous as he stared her straight in the eye for a good long while. Wondering if he was going to attack her, as ridiculous as that seemed, she didn’t know what to do until finally the tiny bird flew away back to the other yard. We still don’t know why, but suspect it had to do with reflections on her glasses.

I used a little reference this week, but not too much. It’s not a very good likeness of my friend, I’m afraid, and the greenery is a bit more generic than usual, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out for a quicky. My light table and a lot of my reference material are packed up as I’m remodeling my art studio right now. The drawing was done on a small piece of bristol with Micron pens and the coloring was all done in Photoshop.

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