It’s October!


 Yes, we’re getting closer to Halloween, I guess that’s what I was thinking when I doodled this pair. I have a couple of Halloween-themed projects to finish up in the next couple of weeks, but instead of a brainstorming session these two characters came out pretty much full-formed from the ball-point pen. I may have to find something I can use them for….

These fellows came to life while I was listening to one of my favorite comic book author/illustrators Jeff Smith speaking at the Small Press Expo this weekend. I love doodling during lectures and talks, especially when it’s a subject matter that interests me. For some reason, if I’m sitting through a dull speaker or an uninteresting subject and I really need the distraction of a good sketch, my pen has trouble moving. It’s been a few years since I’d attended SPX, but I managed to come home with some cash still in my pocket and a small pile of new things to read. It’s aways so refreshing to see the energy, the talent, and the passion in all of the exhibitors, such a fun day!