Illustration Friday: Blanket

Blanket Time

I could probably relate a little too well to this week’s Illustration Friday topic. I stayed home from work for a couple of days with a minor but unpleasant stomachache. One of those things where you’re fine sitting still but everything lurches when you move around. Bleah. I spent most of the past two days curled up with a sofa – spent more time with my DS than with a good book I’m afraid, the effort of picking a new book to read off of the bookshelf (and I do have plenty sitting around waiting for me) seemed a bit overwhelming at the time. (Click the image to enlarge.)

Since I was feeling fuzzy anyway, I picked up the good ol’ Ebony pencils for this drawing instead of the inks… love those things, especially on a nice toothy drawing paper! It could use a little more work but I’m still not at 100% right now.

5 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Blanket

  1. Ah, I was feeling the same yesterday with one of those 24-hour bug things. Couldn’t eat a bit until maybe 10:30 or 11 last night. I can COMPLETELY empathize with the situation you excellently depicted above. Superb work! 🙂

  2. I like this – you’ve caught both the misery of being sick and the comfort of just wrapping yourself in a blanket and feeling sorry for yourself!

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