Illustration Friday: Choose


Right now I’m making lots of choices, and some of them can be a bit scary. Sometimes it’s almost easier to pick between two unknowns, leave things up to a random fate, than to make a reasoned decision that ultimately has to match up with what your gut is telling you…

This week’s Illustration Friday topic had me a little stumped, so I decided to embrace my current life-drawing kick. Ye olde traditional hands study! The pencil sketch for this was done using my own hands in the mirror. (And it sure is fun drawing your own drawing hand that way , let me tell ya!). I have a cheap-0 “full length” mirror in a wooden frame that I keep loose in my studio for times like these; I can position it however I want to get the angle and light I want. This finished drawing is with my brush-pen, which is starting to get interestingly scratchy, with a little work with the Micron. Not quite happy with the sleeves yet, I wanted to tone it more, both with the inks and with photoshop, and it probably needs to be re-cropped, but this week I’m playing catch-up from being sick last week – with a lot of extra, atypical busy-ness thrown in – so I’m not sure I’ll have time tomorrow to revisit. This one is solidly in the “scribbles” category!

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